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Whether it's a family pet, a remembrance picture or just from an image of an animal/s you have seen or liked, a pet portrait is the perfect for that 'special gift' for a loved one.

Looking for something slightly different such as; a personalised picture for your children's nursery/bedroom or an illistration from your favourite book?

Please do let me know your ideas.

Prices will depend on the subject. Show me your ideas and I will be able to provide you with a quote.




Extra subjects are £15










Extra subjects are £15







Self portraits, remembrance pictures, family portraits and close up feature drawings.


People portraits involve a lot of time and dedication to get the exact detail just right for you.


If you would like a different size or medium in which it is drawn on then I am happy to discuss prices.

For all commissions/drawings I require two or three clearly detailed photographs. I also ask for a £20 deposit and the rest of the payment once your drawing has been delivered.


I will keep in touch with you throughout, sending you a sneak peek of your portrait to ensure you are happy with it and post progress pictures on my Facebook page (please say if you do not want me to do so).


Please allow a minimum of two weeks for completion. 


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, I look forward to hearing from you!

*Please note that A5 sized drawings will be less detailed due to the size.




I am now offering architectural artwork.

Perfect for a personalised wedding gift or for remembering the house that you grew up in.

Please contact me for a quote.


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